Nurturing the potential of the differently abled

What Makes Us Special...

Woodfield Manor Autism and Special Needs School is a warm, happy and welcoming special school where our children come first. We have a highly trained and effective staff group who specialise in teaching children with a variety of special needs.

Picture Exchange Communication System

At Woodfield Manor, every child is part of our safe, respectful and vibrant community, in which they are effectively supported to learn, develop and build positive relationships with others. The PECs system sees to an unhindered flow of communication and ensures that the needs of the children are met using pictorial representation and this provides every child high quality teaching and learning, with a focus on effective communication and independence offering every child the opportunity to excel.

Music and Drama Therapy

Woodfield Manor has a sole aim of unearthing the hidden potentials of every special needs child and by this, we seek to let the child explore every aspect of their lives.

Communication is encouraged during a music therapy session by the teacher and any peers that might be present as well. Simple lessons are given which then require some kind of response which otherwise could be non-verbal.

Music and Drama therapy also enhances the development of the child’s motor skills

Occupational Therapy

At Woodfield Manor, we ensure that in the long run, these special children are useful and equipped to contribute their quota through the various fields they are good at. Our occupational therapists ensure that children are equipped to be fully involved in the things they want and need to do through the use of therapeutic indulgence of everyday activities. Some of these include helping the child to take part fully in school and social activities.

Art Therapy

Art therapy deals with the creation of art and creative processes to increase self awareness and others.

In exploring the various aspects of the child’s life, Woodfield Manor promotes the child’s personal development, increase their coping skills, as well as enhance their cognitive function and increase their cognitive and creative abilities through active art-making, creative art therapies which goes a long way to enriches the lives of these children.

Speech and Language Therapy

In building up special needs children, Woodfield Manor has identified that speech and language plays a key role in the flow of communication between teachers and children. this has brought about the use of articulation therapy which involves the teacher teaching the child how to pronounce certain words

also, the use of the language intervention is key as it is much more of a play-and-activity process which encourages the child to speak more to develop their language abilities using PECs but this is not equivalent to speech and language therapy.